Beyond Ordinary: Transform Your Nursery with a Customised Baby Blanket Masterpiece

customised baby blanket

Decorate your soon-to-arrive baby’s nursery with customised baby blanket. This charming baby accessory makes a perfect gift for every occasion. Moreover, the added touch of personalization makes it appealing to new parents. Let’s explore amazing tips to design a personalized baby blanket that will be a source of comfort for babies and parents alike.

Lovingly Signed – Trusted Customised Baby Blanket Provider

Thinking about creating a customised baby blanket? Lovingly Signed offers an alluring collection of baby blankets that are hard to resist. Its unique designs and vibrant prints are simply adored by parents. Some of their best-selling blankets include Cable Knit Blanket and Organic Cotton Blanket. Scroll through their website and find a perfect blanket for your little one.

Why Personalized Baby Blankets Are Hyped About?

We have a meaningful explanation for why you should get a baby blanket personalized right away. From being a precious keepsake to inculcating a sense of ownership and being a unique way to express love, personalized baby blankets make a wonderful gift choice for every occasion. Make your kid feel special by presenting them with a blanket that sits well with their personality and style.

The Art of Designing a Customised Baby Blanket 

To make a beautiful blanket, follow our artistic tips:

1. Opt for the right fabric: The foremost step is to select the right material for a blanket. As you are buying it for your little one, make sure to choose material that is cozy, breathable, and warm at the same time. 

2. Gather art supplies: The next step is to gather all the necessary supplies. Some of these include thread, scissors, iron-on patches, appliqué, and many others.

3. Pick a theme: Decide a theme that you would like to apply to your blanket. This step is crucial as it will let you design a blanket that truly reflects your kid’s personality and style. Some of the popular themes include Alphabet themes, safari, or superhero themes.

Baby blanket

4. Customize your blanket: Here are unique ways to design a masterpiece for your little one. 

  • Embroidery: The most popular way to customize a baby blanket is embroidery.  You can choose to embroider your baby’s name, birth date, or name initials. To start with, first, create an outline with a water-soluble pen. Then use a sewing machine to embroider your desired text.
  • Appliqué: You create an appliqué shape. For this, trace out a variety of shapes on a fabric. You can make use of different colors and draw patterns that sit well with your kid’s taste. Use pins to firmly secure shapes to the blanket. Follow a firm stitching pattern to attach and align the appliqué shapes.
  • Iron-on patches: Another amazing idea is to use iron-on patches. Secure them tightly with the blanket and press them with iron to imprint them on the blanket.

5. Add the final touches: Once you are done with customization, it’s time to add the final touches. Close away any openings that are left on the blanket. You can also get creative with decoration by incorporating delicate lace or sewing luxurious borders. 


Save yourself from the hassle of creating a customised baby blanket and order a pre-made one from Lovingly Signed. Just choose your favorite theme and thread color, add your baby’s initials of birth date, and a cherishing baby blanket is ready to be shipped to you. Lovingly Signed knows all the secrets to turn your ordinary baby gift into something extraordinary. Browse their charming blanket collection and grab the best one! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I choose the color and design when it comes to a customised baby blanket?
    Yes, absolutely! Lovingly Signed offers unique designs and a broad color scheme to choose from, letting you create a customised baby blanket that aligns well with your kid’s nursery décor. 
  2. How can I add my baby’s name to a customised baby blanket?
    While adding the product to the cart, Lovingly Signed’s webpage displays an option where you can input your baby’s name. Our artisans will then carefully embroider the personalization to create a customised baby blanket.
  3. Are the materials used in customised baby blankets safe for babies?
    Yes, Lovingly Signed prioritizes children’s safety and comfort in almost all of its products. That is why the store uses hypoallergenic materials like organic or bamboo cotton in a customised baby blanket.
  4. Do customised baby blankets take longer to deliver than non-customised ones?
    In rare cases, customised baby blanket take longer than usual to get delivered than non-customised ones . However, Lovingly Signed offers same-day delivery nationwide.
  5. Can I return a customised baby blanket if I’m not happy with it?
    Unfortunately, No. Customised baby blanket cannot be exchanged or returned unless there is something wrong with customization.
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